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Pupil's Welcome

Pupil's Welcome

Hello and welcome to South Witham Academy!

Our school is a happy and exciting place where children work hard and have lots of fun. The teachers all work hard and we help them to make our school even better. Each class elects a pupil councillor from Year 1 to Year 6 who represent us on the Pupil Council. The Pupil Council put forward our suggestions to Mr Atter. They are also responsible for helping to organise all of the charity fundraising that goes on in our school.

Each year we can apply for jobs such as librarians and wellbeing ambassadors. We also have Play Leaders who work with KS1. Our Play Leaders are a group of our older children who have been trained to organise activities for all ages to take part in on the playground at break and lunch time. They encourage children to join in games and to extend their friendships. The leadership skills that they have been taught also help to raise self-esteem, self -confidence and encourage physical activity.

Our school curriculum is one of the most exciting things about our school. We get to learn new facts and develop our skill levels across a range of subjects, every year building on what we already know. This allows each and everyone of us to excel at what we are good at, be the best we can be and recognise and celebrate the strengths of other people. We get to go on many exciting educational visits and our residential programme is amazing! 

We are also members of the Rutland School Sport Partnership and compete in lots of different competitions against other schools in the local area. We get to join lots of sports festivals to learn new sports and skills. The aim of these events is to:

Inspire—Introduce Physical activity to young people to engage, participate and learn

Develop—Giving young people the opportunity to learn and grow new skills and improve their physiological and psychological skills

Excel – Giving young people opportunities to aspire towards further progression and success through competition, leadership and performance

After school fun and exciting clubs happen! We have a wide choice of clubs every half term. These can include a range of different activities such as; netball, construction, mindfulness, reading buddies and SATS booster club.

Our PTA (mums, dads and grandparents that want to help) organise fun events for us like discos and fairs. The PTA help to raise money for our school by organising events throughout the year.

South Witham Academy are committed to providing our children with a broad and varied education in a safe and nurturing environment so that all children can reach their full potential. We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy your visit.