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Curriculum Introduction

The Curriculum

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Our approach to the curriculum is one which develops a thirst for knowledge. Wherever possible children will learn in a contextual way providing meaning and purpose to what they do. We follow the Chris Quigley Essentials approach to the curriculum. Essentials is a simple to use Primary Curriculum that helps to:

  • Plan for Breadth
  • Plan for Progress
  • Assess and record progress.

It includes all National Curriculum subjects and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum. Its clear, simple layout splits each subject into four sections:

  • Essential Characteristics
  • Breadth of Study
  • Threshold Concepts
  • Progress Milestones.

Please open the document below which will explain all of these terms in more detail.

Emphasis is placed on quality and the need to work in a variety of approaches. Children are encouraged to work independently and collaboratively. We also aim to ensure three elements exist within the curriculum throughout the year. We want the children to appreciate the awe and wonder of the world, have a real impact on the community, be it close by or other parts of the world, and have a bearing of people's emotions.

Woven throughout the curriculum, and the broader experiences the children have, is the promotion of fundamental British values. There is an emphasis on promoting the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of the child as well as the broader local community. Understanding where and how a child can, not only fit in but, contribute to making the world a better place is essential for us as a school.

Learning Flyers of what broad areas we are covering throughout teach term are shared with parents each term and placed on the class pages of our website.

Introduction to the Essentials Curriculum, Content and Yearly Overviews

Teaching and Learning

At South Witham Academy our primary curriculum covers the statutory requirement for programmes of study issued by the Department of Education.

See the overviews above for details, but please be aware that as we develop the curriculum in line with our pupils interests and learning styles these may be subject to change.

Teaching and Learning in Phonics

We follow the Read Write Inc scheme of work for all phonics teaching and learning within EYFS, KS1 and lower KS2.

Teaching and Learning in Reading

We use various reading schemes to support reading development within EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to ensure children access a wide variety of reading materials.

Teaching and Learning in Maths

Please see our Calculation Policy in the curriculum file above, which outlines how children from Year 1 are taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

Please see the Curriculum Newsletters on each class page under 'Curriculum', which detail what the children will be learning about in class each term.

Please click the link below and see our SEND policy for our provision.