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Parental Survey

Parental Survey

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Dear Parents / Carers

I would like to thank parents for taking the time to complete our Parental Survey last term, we had some very useful feedback that will help us develop this year. I feel that it is important for everyone to see the results and we have broken down the responses we received into schools so that each school can identify particular areas for development.

We held many events (sporting, PTA events, class assemblies, workshops, visitors, celebrations) over the past year which were well attended and we hope that parents continue to support us this year.

We aim to use the feedback we have received to help us to plan and communicate the events that parents have requested. We will also continue to work on timely communication about different events taking place. I would urge parents to contact school immediately if you have a specific concern around the safety, wellbeing or progress of your child. Staff will always find the time to discuss individual concerns.

We always welcome any additional support from Parents and Carers in our schools and would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in getting involved in some way. Please contact the office and leave your name and contact details if you have a few hours to spare! As we continue to work together, we look forward to another fantastic year across our Academy!

Kind Regards

Mr Andrew Atter

Head of School
South Witham Academy
Brooke Hill Academy Trust